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One of the best feelings in the world is being able to travel and work from anywhere. The beauty of exploring cultural heritages and world-class cuisines while carrying your work wherever you go. Now, that’s the ultimate goal.

People can now choose to work remotely or freelance due to changes in the global workplace. This flexibility is especially beneficial for those who take advantage of applications like Zoom, Slack, and Google Office Tools, which facilitate the sharing of work files, presentations, board meetings, and other work-related activities.

Before we explore the world of digital nomad visas and what they entail, who exactly is a digital nomad? A digital nomad is someone who works remotely from anywhere in the world with the use of digital tools and technology.

The benefit of this nomadic lifestyle is that it’s simpler to transition into, as a freelancer or remote worker. This article explains digital nomad visas, including what they are, what you need to have to apply, and which countries to watch out for specifically.

Understanding digital nomad visas

If a digital nomad works remotely without being constrained to a particular location, then a digital nomad visa is the permit given to the person to work in their dream country without restriction. A digital nomad visa is the authorization or document a government grants a foreigner to allow them to work in their country, provided they do not work for employers in their labor market.

Those running their own business, freelancers, and remote workers are granted this opportunity because your job doesn’t require you to be on-site.

A digital nomad visa is almost the same as a temporary residence visa, as you can stay and work in the country for up to a year. Imagine being able to experience the most beautiful sunset at Sunset Beach in Canada after concluding a client meeting. That would be a thrilling experience.

This permit enables nomads to live in the host country for up to a year, and someone in their local country must employ the remote worker.

What type of work can I do with a digital nomad visa?

You can work as a content creator, virtual assistant, social media manager, travel blogger, project manager, graphics designer, community manager, content writer, etc., with a digital nomad visa.

As long as your job allows you to work remotely, you can work with a digital nomad visa.

What are the requirements for a nomad visa?

Every country has its specific requirements when it comes to granting a nomad visa to a foreigner. For you to be qualified for a digital nomad visa, you have to be

Then, there are certain documents that you would have to submit for you to be eligible for a digital nomad visa, such as

  • Application form for a digital nomad visa
  • Valid Passport
  • Your Identification photos
  • Financial form of income
  • Civil documents, i.e., birth certificate, CV
  • Evidence of remote work experience (contracts, agreements)

Which Countries are offering digital nomad visas?

Different countries are currently offering digital nomad visas to foreigners or freelancers to enable them to work in their country. Here are four top countries offering a nomad visa in 2023:

●       CANADA

Presently, Canada is looking for top talent globally to enhance entrepreneurship and create more job opportunities for people. Digital nomads are sought after in Canada as you don’t need a work visa to live there. You have the freedom to stay there for up to 6 months without the need for SAT or IELTS, the opportunity to live in Canada, and the high possibility of getting a permanent residency.

●       PORTUGAL

Portugal is another fascinating country to work remotely in as its welcoming environment and cultural landscape are set to keep you with memories for a long time. The temporary residence visa granted to digital nomads allows them to stay in the country for a year while coming and going however they want. The process is straightforward, but they are necessary documents you would be required to submit.

●       ESTONIA

Estonia is your place if you are searching for a place to connect or network with tech founders or thriving startup owners in Europe. With an Estonian Digital Nomad Visa, you have free access to the internet, the opportunity to visit Schengen countries, and a permit to stay for one year. After submitting the necessary documents, you can be sure to explore one of Europe’s finest and most centered countries.

●       CROATIA

Aside from its breathtaking beaches and mind-blowing culture, Croatia is one of the most prominent destinations for digital nomads because of the no-income tax. It also grants its freelancers a temporary resident permit for one year, which can be renewed after six months.

Our team at Instago is available to assist you if you still require personalized advice and a one-on-one meeting with a knowledgeable travel agent to address any concerns despite having access to all of this information. From the initial consultation to booking your flight, we assist you with the application process, provide guidance on the paperwork required for your location, offer advice on how to ace embassy interviews and keep you informed regarding the progress of your application.

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The concept of work has evolved since arranging meetings with clients worldwide is now possible. With a digital nomad visa, you are limitless. Packing your bags and exploring every corner of the globe is all that’s required when you have access to a digital nomad visa.

So, what are you waiting for?

Digital Nomad Visa FAQ’s

●       Can I get a digital nomad visa with my family?

Definitely. Your family members and close relatives can be added under your digital nomad visa.

●       Which country has the cheapest digital nomad visa?

Portugal is one of the cheapest digital nomad visas as it has the lowest cost of living of all countries offering digital nomad visas.

●       Is it hard to get a digital nomad visa?

This depends on the country you are applying to or the application process, as some may be processed on time while others may be delayed.

●       Can I move to Canada as a digital nomad?

Definitely. With a digital nomad visa and Canadian work permit, you can move to Canada.

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