Belgium Tour: The amalgamated French and German cultures


trip description

Belgium’s Charms: When the word “Belgium” is mentioned, thoughts of chocolates, beer, lace, and porcelain readily come to mind. These associations indeed hold true, yet this compact nation offers a world of exploration beyond these highlights. Imbued with a rich tapestry of art and culture, Belgium boasts a fine heritage showcased through numerous monuments scattered across its cities. Serving as the hub of both the European Union and NATO, Belgium holds a prominent place on the global stage. From extensive beaches in the north to picturesque highlands in the south, the country presents a diverse array of experiences.

Trip Activities

Vibrant Nightlife in Belgium:

Belgium’s renowned reputation for both its libations and nightlife holds true, offering a diverse spectrum of entertainment for the night owls. Key cities like Brussels, Ghent, and Antwerp host some of the country’s finest nightclubs, with a multitude to choose from. Musical genres span from jazz to energetic club beats. Gent and Leuven stand as havens for young revelers, while Brussels’ iconic Fuse nightclub boasts live Techno music. Clubs typically open around 11:00 PM and keep the energy alive until dawn. Belgium’s nightlife also sparkles due to the array of concerts held year-round at the De Werf hall in Bruges.

Retail Therapy in Belgium:

A visit to Belgium is incomplete without indulging in its world-famous chocolate pralines, as Belgian chocolate is a global delight. Top choices include Godiva and Neuhaus, both readily available across the country. Unique beers, unavailable elsewhere, are also a coveted purchase, making it worthwhile to stock up before leaving. Other treasures to consider are Bruges’ lace, Antwerp’s designer fashion, and Brussels’ special Belgian comic books.

Celebrating Festivals in Belgium:

Belgium hosts an abundance of carnivals and festivals year-round, with no specific season dominating the festivities. Whenever you visit, you’ll likely encounter a festival in progress. Notable among these is the Carnival held in February or March, featuring grand parades and dazzling fireworks. The Festival van Vlaanderen stands out as a renowned event showcasing top classical and international music performances. Other prominent festivals encompass Zinneke Parade, Durcasse of Mons, Ghent Festival, Ommegang Festival, Formula One Grand Prix, and the Christmas Beer Festival.

Places to Visit

Brussels Exploration: As Belgium’s capital, Brussels stands at the heart of the European Union and serves as its de facto capital. Housing vital EU institutions and NATO headquarters, Brussels holds immense international importance. Beyond its political role, the city is a haven for savoring divine Belgian cuisine, a culinary adventure cherished worldwide.

Enchanting Bruges: Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, Bruges captivates with its well-preserved medieval essence. Known as the “Venice of the North,” this soul-stirring city invites exploration through its culture, architecture, and charming canals. Offering a glimpse into history, Bruges is an unpretentious Burgundian gem that lures visitors to discover its enchanting mysteries. And of course, indulging in its renowned chocolates is a must.

Antwerp’s Vibrance: Nestled along the River Scheldt in the Flemish region of Belgium, Antwerp exudes vibrancy and excitement. A city rich in cultural heritage and a distinct atmosphere, it merits a place on every traveler’s itinerary. With a captivating cultural tapestry and unique ambiance, Antwerp beckons exploration and offers a memorable travel experience.

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Consult with us, make payment and book flights to process 3 weeks before stomates arrival date) Include a disclaimer highlighting that the visa on arrival is only available for specific nationalities and this will be discussed during the consultation session